We Welcome all Retail Store owners and Tradeshow go'ers!

Wholesale accounts are strictly for vendors looking to resell Cords of Steel Products. You must have a minimum order of 30 cords in order to receive wholesale pricing unless otherwise stated in your contract. Sales contracts are established for all vendors looking to utilize Purchase Order payment options. All sales contracts must be established with our sales team prior to your account activation. If you are looking to order fewer than 30 cords and have Tax Exemption, you will need to open your account on our website, and send our support staff an email at support@cordsofsteel.com.

To open an account and to place Wholesale or Retail Store orders, please use the instructions below. Please note that you cannot open an account and access our wholesale portal without a valid Sales Tax ID or VAT(Europe). Your account will not be approved until this information is entered for your account. All new accounts must be approved before accessing the Wholesale/Retail Store portal.

Instructions to open your Wholesale account:

  1. Visit Our Wholesale Store (bookmark the link in your favorites)
  2. Open your account. You can use your Facebook or Google account to open your account. The only information we will access from your Facebook or Google account is your public profile. It fills out the account information such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address much faster for you. You must click the captcha (check box) before you can create an account or login.
  3. Choose a password. We advise you to use a separate password than what you use for Facebook or Google.
  4. Confirm your account. You will receive an email in the inbox of the email address you used to open your account asking you to confirm your account.
  5. Wait for approval. We may reach out to you to confirm or request more information, please monitor your email inbox. You will receive an email once your account is approved.
  6. After account approval, visit your account and fill out your Tax/VAT Id, billing, and shipping information. You will not be able to order “Tax Free” unless we have valid Tax/VAT Id information on your account.

That's it! Order away!

The Kevlar C to Shining C

$ 19.99

Royal Blue

Coming Soon

The Kevlar Dual Head Wonder

$ 19.99


The Kevlar Dual Head Wonder

$ 19.99

GunMetal Grey

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