We made our registration process as easy as Sunday morning. Register your Cords of Steel by creating an account with us. You must confirm your account. We will send you an email to confirm your account after you have created an account with us. Use the account you create for ordering, upgrading, and if need be – filing a warranty claim. Your email is the key to making our process work the smoothest.
Sometimes we see some cords that are fresh out of manufacturing that are behaving with a bit of stubbornness. You may need to plug in and unplug the USB-A side (the side that goes in your power brick) a couple times in both directions. We do not see this behavior with the device side of the cord (the side that goes into your device). Remember to never force your cord into your device or your power brick. If your cord is not inserting into your device (especially micro usb) and the power brick with little resistance, be sure to completely remove the cord, flip it around, and try again. You may need to repeat this a few times to exercise the pins (or contacts) on the USB-A side.
Your power brick should have a label with its power output on it. The power output must be 5v (5 volts) 2.1A (2.1 amps) in order to get a Fast Charge. Do not exceed 5v 2.1A using your Cords of Steel 2n1 charging cord. Do not exceed 5v 2.4A using your Cords of Steel Type-C charging cord.
No, you will need the USB Type-C charging cord for any USB C devices.

Make sure your IOS is fully charged. Do not have your Cords Of Steel charging cord plugged into your IOS when performing updates. Once you have verified your device has 75% charge or more, unplug your Cords Of Steel charging cord, then check to see if there is an update that needs to be done on your device. If so, please allow the update to fully complete before trying the cord again. If no update is needed, try rebooting the device (with your charging cord unplugged from device) and try the cord again. Last thing to check is if your power brick is working properly. Please try a different power brick and make sure to test the USB-A side that plugs into power brick by plugging the cord in both ways making sure the USB-A is firmly pressed in the power brick each way. 

Visit Samsung Support to research what type of charging port your Samsung devices have.
There are differences between the various charger types. You should be able to tell them apart quickly by looking at the differences in size and shape. We highly recommend you take some time and search “differences between Micro USB, USB-C, and Thunderbolt (aka Lightning) charger types” in your favorite search engine. Be sure you understand the differences before purchasing your Cords Of Steel.

No, We offer a limited lifetime warranty. This means we cover manufacturing issues only. If you try to tow your vehicle with the cord and it breaks, that’s on you. 🙂

Cords of Steel does not allow customers to upgrade/change their cord type with a warranty claim..

The 4.99 charge is for handling (charged per cord claim). As amazing as these cords are, we have not found a way to have them pack themselves up and get to the post office. Shipping rates are controlled by the parcel service of your choice. Rates are based off the zip code being sent the product and obtained ‘live’ at the time of checkout from the parcel service providers. Cords of Steel does not allow customers to upgrade/change their cord type with a warranty claim.
Cords of Steel will not send out any warranty claims without proof of ownership. Ownership can be proven by sending a picture of your existing cord(s) with one end cut off to our customer support email. These instructions are found and displayed while filling out a warranty claim. Warranty claim orders will be canceled after 30 days with no proof of ownership received by our customer support.
Warranty Claims are canceled after 30 days if our Customer Service has not received a picture of your existing cord with one end cut off.

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You must order a minimum of 30 cords per order to receive wholesale pricing. Each order must meet the minimum requirements unless otherwise negotiated with Cords of Steel.

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