1. Why do I have to pay for a warranty claim?

The charges are to cover shipping and handling.

2. Does warranty cover anything that happens to my Cords of Steel charging cord?

No, We offer a limited lifetime warranty. This means we cover manufacturing issues only. If you try to tow your vehicle with the cord and it breaks, thats on you :)

3. My Apple device is showing accessory not supported, what do I do?

Make sure your Apple is fully charged. Do not have your Cords Of Steel charging cord plugged into your Apple when performing updates. Once you have verified your device has 75% charge or more, unplug your Cords Of Steel charging cord, then check to see if there is an update that needs to be done on your device. If so, please allow the update to fully complete before trying the cord again. If no update is needed, try rebooting the device (with your charging cord unplugged from device) and try the cord again. Last thing to check is if your power brick is working properly. Please try a different power brick and make sure to test the USB-A side that plugs into power brick by plugging the cord in both ways making sure the USB-A is firmly pressed in the power brick each way. 

**UPDATE** Feb 5, 2019

Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Erroneous 'This Accessory May Not Be Supported' Alerts. Visit https://www.scribd.com/document/398960870/Emerson-v-Apple-Inc-et-al for details. 

4. What type of power brick do I need for Fast Charge?

Your power brick should have a label with its power output on it. The power output must be 5v (5 volts) 2.1A (2.1 amps) in order to get a Fast Charge. Do not exceed 5v 2.1A using your Cords of Steel 2n1 charging cord. Do not exceed 5v 2.4A using your Cords of Steel Type-C charging cord. 

5. Does the 2in1 charging cord charge USB Type C?

No, you will need the USB Type-C charging cord for any USB C devices.

6. What is the difference between Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning charger types?

There are differences between the various charger types. You should be able to tell them apart quickly by looking at the differences in size and shape. We highly recommend you take some time and search "differences between Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning charger types" in your favorite search engine. Be sure you understand the differences before purchasing your Cords Of Steel. 

7. What type of Cords of Steel does my Samsung need?

Visit Samsung Support to research what type of charging port your Samsung devices have. 

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