Warranty Claims are only issued to registered Cords of Steel customers.

Registered Cords of Steel owners can click the "Sign In" link above. If you have not registered your Cords of Steel, please register your cord by creating an account with us using the "Create an Account" link above.


If you are in need of a warranty claim:

Be sure you have visited our FAQ page before you make a Warranty Claim as many answers to common questions can be found there.

Our limited lifetime warranty does cover quite a bit of life's curve balls! We understand that life gets busy and sometimes chaotic, so we at Cords of Steel have made it our mission to provide a security blanket for when life does throw those curve balls at your charging cord with our limited lifetime warranty! We are providing this warranty at no additional cost for the cord; however we do have a fee for shipping and handling. As amazing as these charging cords are, we have not figured out how to train them to pack themselves up and get to the post office. We will certainly remove the handling fee once we figure that out!

The price you will see in your cart is for handling. You are more than welcome to replace as many cords as you need on the same order; the handling fee is on a per cord basis. If you are performing a warranty claim on more than one cord, please include what went wrong with all cords included on the claim. Shipping charges are controlled by the parcel services; shipping pricing is done 'live' by our website contacting the parcel services at the time of checkout. The parcel services will base their pricing off of your zip/country code. Cords of Steel have no control over shipping charges.  

We want to make your claim process as smooth as can be and get your replacement cord on its way! With all of the 'copycats' out there, we need to verify your existing cord is one of ours. We try to make this a convenient as we can by asking you to please send us a picture of your existing cord having our logo visible and one end cut off to support@cordsofsteel.comNOTE: Your replacement cord will not be sent to you until we receive a picture of your existing cord. Be sure to check your email, including your spam folder, after completing your claim for our communication. We may ask you more questions about your experience so we can continue to improve our cord. Our promise to you is to make the toughest and most reliable cord on the market! Therefore, your feedback and details are critical to our mission.

If you have owned your Cords of Steel charging cord for less than 30 days, please send a copy of your receipt (paper or email) and the location in which you purchased your Cords of Steel with your picture and our customer service department will reach out to you and work with you on the handling fee.

Warranty Claim Orders will automaticaly be canceled if we do not recieve pictures as stated above or we do not hear from you within 30 days.

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